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Qingfeng "Wilson" Liu

Wilson Lui

Associate Professor of Finance

Started working at JMU: Fall 2004

Office: Showker 339
Phone: 540.568.3086
Fax: 540.568.3017
Email: liuqx@jmu.edu
Mailing address: JMU, College of Business, MSC 0203, Harrisonburg, VA 22807


Ph.D. Finance, University of Oklahoma
M.B.A. Finance, University of Kansas
B.A. Economics, Shenzhen University, China

Professional Interests: 
Financial Derivatives, International Finance, Emerging Financial Markets.

Personal Interests:
Badminton, table tennis, soccer

Current courses taught:
Advanced Financial Policy
Principles of Investments
International Financial Management 

Key Publications:
“The Evolving Pattern of Price Discovery: Evidence from China’s Gold and Copper Markets”, with H. He and Y. Zhang, forthcoming, Review of Futures Markets.

“What Makes A Successful Futures Contract: The Case of China's Stock Index Futures”, with H. Fung, forthcoming, Chinese Economy.

“The Information Flow and Market Efficiency between the U.S. and Chinese Aluminum and Copper Futures Markets”, with H. Fung and Y. Tse, 2010, Journal of Futures Markets, Volume 30, Issue 12: 1192-1209.

"Development of China's Real Estate Market", with H. Fung and J. Jeng, 2010, Chinese Economy, Volume 43: No. 1 (January-February 2010), Page 71-92.

“An Analysis of the Price Linkages among the DJIA Index, Futures, and Exchange-Traded Fund Markets”, with H. Fung and Y. Tse, 2008, Review of Futures Markets, Volume 16, Number 3: 301-328.

“Cross-Market Linkages of the Taiwan Index Futures Contracts Listed on the Singapore Exchange and the Taiwan Futures Exchange”, with H. Fung and D. Park, 2007, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, Volume 10, Issue 4: 561-583.

“China’s Outward Direct and Portfolio Investments”, with H. Fung and E. Kao, 2007, China and World Economy (Blackwell Publishing), Volume 15, Issue 6: 53-68.

“China’s Capital Markets: Challenges from WTO Membership”, book editor and author of six chapters, with K. Chan and H. Fung, 2007, London: Edward Elgar Publishing, ISBN: 978-1845-42656-9. 

“Financing Alternatives for the Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises: The Case for an SME Stock Market”, with H. Fung and J. Yau, 2007, China and World Economy (Blackwell Publishing), Volume 15, Issue 1: 26-42. 

“The Development of the Real Estate Industry in China”, with H. Fung, A. Huang, and M. Shen, 2006, Chinese Economy, Volume 39, Issue 1: 84-102.

“Why Do Firms Offer Original Dividend Reinvestment Plans (ODRIPs)”, with B. Lee and Y. Ge, 2005, Journal of International Finance and Economics, Volume II, Issue 1: 25-31.

“China’s Financial Reform in Banking and Securities Markets”, with H. Fung, 2005, book chapter in China and the Challenge of Economic Globalization: The Impact of WTO Membership, pp. 145-163. New York, New York: M.E. Sharpe, December 2005, ISBN: 0765614685.

“Price Relations among Hog, Corn, and Soybean Meal Futures”, 2005, Journal of Futures Markets, Volume 25, Issue 5: 491-514. 

“Venture Capital Cycle, Opportunities, and Challenges in China”, with H. Fung and M. Shen, 2004, Chinese Economy, Volume 37, Issue 4: 28-49.

“Microfinance in China: The Performing Microcredit Program in a Culture of Non-Performing Loans”, with W. Mondal, 2004, Journal of Business Economics Research, Volume 5, Issue 1 & 2: 89-101.

“An Analysis of the Relationship between Electricity and Natural Gas Futures Prices”, with G. Emery, 2002, Journal of Futures Markets, Volume 22, Issue 2: 95-122. 

Positions held: 
2009 - present, Associate Professor of Finance, James Madison University
2004 - 2009, Assistant Professor of Finance, James Madison University

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