Faculty Awards
Accenture Professional Service Award

Individual is recognized for service to the profession or discipline. This can include service associated with professional associations, journals or similar activities. 

  • 2017 recipient: Susan Ferguson, Accounting

Community Service Award (Awarded by Provost)

Individual is recognized for outstanding “local” service.  This might involve service to the College of Business, JMU and/or the Harrisonburg/Rockingham area.>

  • 2017 recipient: Charles Baril, Accounting; Daphyne Thomas, Finance and Business Law

MBA Graduate Teaching Award

Individual is recognized for outstanding teaching and/or service to the MBA Program. 

  • 2017 recipient: David Peterson, Management

Distinguished Teacher Award (Awarded by Provost)

Award established to honor faculty members annually for exemplary teaching.  Each year, the university presents the award to one faculty member in each college. 

  • 2017 recipient: Paul Copley, Accounting

Madison Scholar Award (Awarded by Provost)

One individual from each college is nominated by colleagues. Award winners exemplify excellence in scholarly achievement in their respective disciplines.  Winners present a lecture on their area of expertise during the academic year.  All faculty who have achieved rank of assistant professor or above for at least five years are eligible. 

  • 2017 recipient: Matt Rutherford, Management

Kenneth R. Bartee Award for Teaching Innovation

Individual is recognized for innovation in curriculum development and/or assessment of learning activities.

  • 2017 recipient: Robert Richardson, Accounting; Scott Stevens, Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics

Dr. Otto C. Brenner Memorial Award

Individual is chosen for outstanding teaching by juniors and seniors in the College of Business at the end of each academic year.  Award is in honor of Dr. Otto C. Brenner, who won the award for Outstanding Undergraduate Professor more times than any other professor in the history of the College of Business.

  • 2017 recipient: Richard Tate, Center for Professional Sales

Basic or Discovery Scholarship Award

Often referred to as discipline-based scholarship, this award generates and communicates new knowledge and understanding and/or development of new methods. Intellectual contributions in this category are normally intended to impact the theory, knowledge, and/or practice of business and management.>

  • 2017 1st Place: Charles Bailey, Accounting
  • 2017 2nd Place: Jaideep Chowdhury, Finance and Business Law
  • 2017 3rd Place: Laura Leduc, Management

Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship Award

This award synthesizes new understandings or interpretations of knowledge or technology; develops new technologies, processes, tools, or uses; and/or refines, develops, or advances new methods based on existing knowledge. Intellectual contributions in this category are normally intended to contribute to and impact the practice of business and management.

  • 2017 1st Place: Ina Markham, Compuer Information Systems and Business Analytics
  • 2017 2nd Place: James Irving, Accounting
  • 2017 3rd Place: William Ritchie, Management; Ali Shahzad, Management; Roberyt Kolodinsky, Management

Teaching and Learning Scholarship Award

This individual develops and advances new understandings, insights, and teaching content and methods that impact learning behavior. Intellectual contributions in this category are normally intended to impact the teaching and/or pedagogy of business and management. 

  • 2017 1st Place: Theresa Clarke, Marketing; Irvine Clarke III, Marketing and International Business
  • 2017 2nd Place: Val Larsen, Marketing
  • 2017 3rd Place: William Wood, Economics
Staff Awards
Staff Service Award

Individual is recognized for outstanding staff support.

  • 2017 recipient: Michell Duncan, Academic Success Center director

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