Kevin West Garth

Date: 3/14/18 at 7pm

Location: TBD

Kevin Westgarth is a former professional hockey player and graduate of Princeton University.   Kevin is currently the Vice President of Business Development & International Affairs at the NHL.   Kevin runs the NHL CORE program. The CORE program works with NFL players throughout their career from the time they are rookies to the time they transition to life no longer as a professional athlete.   This is entrepreneurial thinking.   CFE is hosting Kevin in collaboration with Student Athletic Leadership.

Kevin Westgarth - NHL

Gary Upton of Upton Bass

Gary Upton - Upton Bass

Visiting Entrepreneur: Gary Upton

Once a semester CFE sponsors a visiting entrepreneur.  We will be doing this for each college.   Our inaugural visiting entrepreneur was Gary Upton for the College of Visual and Performing Arts.  Mr. Upton began his entrepreneurial journey as an undergraduate music student at Western Connecticut State University. His first venture, Upton Bass, evolved from a “one-man” operation launched in 1999 to a full-service lutherie facility built on a historic mill site in Mystic, Connecticut in 2012. His list of clients includes JMU bass professor Sam Suggs. Gary has since initiated two other ventures: Up Fitness (a high-end fitness facility in Mystic, CT that is informed by his experiences as a personal trainer, wellness coach, and elite-level competitive cyclist), and Four Quarry Farms (a full-service wedding venue). He holds multiple patents; the item for which he was most recently granted a patent will be showcased in public for the first time during his JMU residency.   

While on campus Gary guest lectured in the Entrepreneurship in Music Industry class and then held an seminar with JMU bass players on Building and Repairing Basses.   The culmination of his visit was a Fireside Chat in Forbes Center with JMU Entrepreneur Faculty Fellow Dr. David Stringham.   While on stage Gary revealed his newest product: A full size double bass that packs aways into a standard 28” Samsonite suitcase.   

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