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  • Founders of University Customs University Customs

    Ted Gilman and Luke Farrago turned the holes in their apartment walls into a business that has made over $100,000 in sales.

  • Spring MadXLabs - Arena, LLC - 2016 MyArena by Arena, LLC

    JMU students Fabrice Mulumba, Chris Toms, and Brandon Meyers want to even the playing field when it comes to sports recruiting.

  • Lindsey Outhouse, Joe Straub, and Allison Zeppuhar of Be Free Beverages Be Free Beverages

    Dealing with Type I Diabetes can be frustrating, but Allison Zeppuhar decided she was going to make it easier for herself.

  • Chad Hard 2016 Zane Showker Entrepreneurship Award

    Chad Hard was the 2016 winner of the Zane Showker Entrepreneurship Award.

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