CEO, AHA Insight, Arlington, VA

Member since: Spring 2016
Communication and French, '92

Ms. Armstrong rose through the ranks of this firm, becoming one of its first female Division Managers before the age of 30, and later building two multi-million dollar business areas in a Fortune 500 company. Career highlights include analyzing the world's largest counter-terrorism decision game; working alongside Cabinet officials improve our nation's response to catastrophic disasters; and helping transportation professionals advance "connected vehicle" technology coming to cars and roadways near you soon. One of four executive facilitators in an organization of more than 45,000 people, April has worked with hundreds of executive leaders in corporate and government organizations including PayPal and Ebay, Inc., Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, as well as NASA, the White House and the intelligence community. She is now the CEO of AHA Insight where she helps executives succeed with the people side of high-stakes change projects. 

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