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Sun set on Wilson Hall at James Madioson University JMU Students walking across the quad Ariel view of the James Madison University North and East Campuses Students walking across campus with parked bicycles in foreground Purple JMU flag blowing in the breeze View of The Forbes Performing Arts Center from across the JMU Quad Three smiling JMU students posing for photograph with statue of James Madison wearing bright yellow thank you Jimmy t-shirts JMU Commencement ceremony with view of the back of graduation caps

Staff Listings

Office of the Associate Vice President

Andy Perrine, Associate Vice President
(540) 568-3045

Adam Breeden, Office Manager
(540) 568-3712

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University Communications

Don Egle, Senior Director and University Spokesman
(540) 568-5322

Elizabeth F. Nesselrodt, Administrative Assistant
(540) 568-3621

Bill Wyatt, Associate Director Communications
(540) 568-4908

Rob Tucker, Community Affairs Manager
(540) 568-4750

Jan Gillis, Communications Content Manager
(540) 568-2925

Martha Graham, Be the Change Coordinator
(540) 568-5915

Eric Gorton, Public Affairs Coordinator
(540) 908-1760

Janet L. Smith, Public Affairs Coordinator
(540) 568-8008

James Heffernan, Public Affairs Associate
(540) 568-4553

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University Marketing

David Taylor, Senior Marketing Director
(540) 568-3720

Sherry Matthews, Administrative Assistant
(540) 568-2664

Pam Brock, Director of Marketing Content
(540) 568-3191

Lisa Ha, Assistant Director Marketing
(540) 568-5321

Rinn Siegrist, Marketing Design Manager
(540) 568-6986

Lynda Ramsey, Marketing Design Coordinator
(540) 568-3691

William "Bill" Gentry, Marketing Program Coordinator
(540) 568-3912

Randy Budnikas, Online Marketing Manager
(540) 568-5606

Bill Thompson, Manager, Visual Brand Manager
(540) 568-3690

Carolyn Windmiller, Identity Manager
(540) 568-3913

Sarah Jacobsen, Online Marketing Coordinator
(540) 568-3913

Mike Miriello, University Photographer
(540) 568-3291

Katie Landis, Assistant University Photographer
(540) 568-6525

Chris Meyers, Video Producer
(540) 568-1791

Justin Roth, Assistant Producer
(540) 568-1791

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