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Closed captioned XML file.

An example .xml file to be used with the Flowplayer closed captioning feature. Once created in a text editor program it will need to be saved as a ".xml" file extension.

"<p begin" relates to the time on the video that the line of text begins in
"dur" is the duration that the text should appear on the screen.
If you add the "dur" to the "<p begin" then it should always be less than the "<p begin" on the next line.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tt xml:lang="en" xmlns="" xmlns:tts="">
<div xml:lang="en" >

'Dr. Rose-Madison Forever

<p begin = "00:00:00.50" dur="04.30">Did we blaze a trail for the next generation</p>
<p begin = "00:00:04.95" dur="03.50">so that it would be easier for them to progress?</p>
<p begin = "00:00:08.50" dur="09.15">Or did we create obstacles, build some barriers, that impede that success?</p>
<p begin = "00:00:17.80" dur="05.25">Yes, we're responsible for some wonderful innovations and some great new technologies,</p>
<p begin = "00:00:23.20" dur="04.75">....but we've also left debt, ethical shortcomings,</p>
<p begin = "00:00:28.10" dur="05.45">environmental embarrassments, trade imbalances, poverty, and war,</p>
<p begin = "00:00:33.70" dur="03.05">and if you look at what's going on in the world right now,</p>
<p begin = "00:00:36.90" dur="05.85">you have to recognize that we still cannot get along with one another.</p>
<p begin = "00:00:42.90" dur="04.95">You cannot ask young people to take on all of these challenges,</p>
<p begin = "00:00:48.00" dur="02.95">to solve all of these problems,</p>
<p begin = "00:00:51.10" dur="05.75">unless they are armed with the most powerful tool they can acquire,</p>
<p begin = "00:00:57.00" dur="04.95">and that's an education.... And I'm not talking about free,</p>
<p begin = "00:01:02.10" dur="04.75">we all know that if we work for something, it means more to us.</p>
<p begin = "00:01:07.00" dur="04.95">There's just no question about that. But I am talking about help.</p>
<p begin = "00:01:12.10" dur="04.75">You know in the face of declining federal and state support</p>
<p begin = "00:01:17.00" dur="04.75">and the resulting higher tuitions that students and their families face,</p>
<p begin = "00:01:21.90" dur="03.95">they especially need our help.... I know these students,</p>
<p begin = "00:01:26.00" dur="04.15">I live here with them, I work with them, I experience them.</p>
<p begin = "00:01:30.30" dur="04.05">They have a strong sense of obligation to serve.</p>
<p begin = "00:01:34.50" dur="02.95">They are people who want to lead a distinguished life,</p>
<p begin = "00:01:37.60" dur="03.35">a life in which they make a difference.</p>
<p begin = "00:01:41.10" dur="03.45">They are resourceful, and they are energetic,</p>
<p begin = "00:01:44.70" dur="03.30">but they need the tools to succeed.</p>


You will see the text in the video below ties in with the "time stamps" in the XML file. Click the red "CC" button on the right of the playing video to activate the closed captions

President of JMU Dr. Rose addresses the need to give