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Graduate Student is Selected to Present Research

Congratulations to Health Sciences graduate student Stella Verdos!!  Her Directed Research Project,  “Adherence to the cardioprotective Mediterranean diet among men and women in a rural Greek population,” has been chosen as an oral presentation for the  MEDIET 2007, 3rd International Conference Traditional "Mediterranean Diet: Past, Present and Future" in Athens, Greece.  Stella’s research is the culmination of intensive surveying of residents in a small rural village in Southern Greece.  Along with research co-chairs, Dr. Cynthia Cadieux, Dr. Tammy Wagner and Dr. Kristi Lewis, Stella was able to compare her test subjects’ observance of a Mediterranean diet to their overall health.  Stella says, “I am especially excited to present my research at the conference because it will give me the opportunity to contribute to the current literature on the Mediterranean diet while putting the JMU Dietetics program in the spotlight.”  The conference is scheduled for April 25-26, 2007.  Stella’s research was funded through grants from the American Dietetic Association, the Virginia Dietetic Association, and the Office of International Programs.