James Madison University

NEW COLLEGES FORMED A plan to reorganize the College of Integrated Science and Technology into two colleges took effect July 1, 2012. The new colleges are the College of Health and Behavioral Studies and the College of Integrated Science and Engineering.


JMU Adding a Renewable Energy Component to Their Energy Portfolio

The digging and construction that has been ongoing in front of CISAT this summer will soon result in JMU joining the elite group of American universities that are adding to their energy portfolios a renewable energy component. It is anticipated that within the next month construction will be completed and a 10-kW solar-electric (photovoltaic) plant will become operational. This project is supported by the Virginia Alliance for Solar Electricity (VASE) program (funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and BP Solar, and administered by Virginia's Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy) and is funded by JMU.

This energy plant will consist of 225 thin-film photovoltaic panels (15 separate fixtures each supporting 15 panels) and a small out-building that will house the inverter and transformer and other electronics that will convert the low-voltage DC power produced into 450-volt AC power that is compatible with service to the ISAT/CS building. The electrical power generated will be delivered underground to the ISAT/CS building and will contribute toward serving the electrical load of the building.

The operation of the entire system will be monitored continuously, with the data derived to be used by U.S. and state energy officials and BP Solar. The plant will also serve as a teaching tool for JMU and other Virginia schools. The out-building will offer a display behind glass showing the status of the system (production rate) and pertinent meteorological measurements. More information regarding the installation with follow during the fall semester.