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JMU Nursing Student Association Wins State Awards

By: Beth Principi
Posted: March 25, 2009

PHOTO: JMU NSA membersThe JMU Nursing Students Association (NSA) left the 57th Annual Virginia Nursing Students Association State Convention with their hands full, winning first place in three categories.
James Madison won first place for the Most Active Constituency award, which was awarded to the chapter that showed the most activity during the previous year.  They also tied for first place in the Community Service and Scrapbook awards.   The NSA had been successful in past years, winning the Most Active Constituency award six out of seven years.  But this year, James Madison shined brighter than usual, with a senior nursing student winning the most prestigious award.
Laura Hudgens, president of the JMU Nursing Student Association, won the Nursing Student of the Year award for the state of Virginia.

“I didn’t know that I was up for it, so it was very humbling, I am really excited, especially for our chapter because I know we have all worked hard together to get a lot accomplished,” said Hudgens.   “My advisor and all my other officers nominated me without me knowing, so I felt really honored to be nominated by such a great group of people.”

PHOTO: black balloonsThe NSA chapter at James Madison consists of 200 nursing students.  Throughout last year, these students participated in projects and fundraisers that accumulated to “countless hours,” according to Hudgens.  “We did projects from helping the elderly, to helping young elementary school kids, to helping the JMU community.”

Even with a wide array of community service, the NSA focused on one particular campaign: alcohol awareness. 

“We set up an informative game about it, we did black balloon day where we represented the number of deaths that were caused by alcohol, and we did a benefit concert,” said Hudgens.

PHOTO: BannerThe amount of time and effort these nursing students spent on community service last year is a testament to the dedication they have toward their field.  Any organization would be lucky to have these students as employees in the future.