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NEW COLLEGES FORMED A plan to reorganize the College of Integrated Science and Technology into two colleges took effect July 1, 2012. The new colleges are the College of Health and Behavioral Studies and the College of Integrated Science and Engineering.


Innovation Blues

Life’s being getting me down
New initiatives all around

Here comes little eVa
What’s she doing in town?

Thought I lost her in the 60’s
She still locomoting all around

There’s training, searching and my notes
Man ain’t nothing quick about this quote

I’d rather riff through the scales
Than spend time on these sales

More attention, more learning
To take a rest I’ve got a yearning
My boss is breathing down my neck
Professional development – what the heck!

Users group help keep my sanity
So why do I keep running to the vanity

Just getting a handle on all this
Now they add Job Link to the list

As this wasn’t enough
8.8 PeopleSoft Finance has come the stuff

If I’m out nobody knows what to do
Contribute to the “greater whole” – that’s what I do

Timesheets Online are just beginning
Will all this innovation never be ending?

More attention, more learning
To make a run I’ve the yearning
Boss breathing down my neck
Schedule another meeting – what the heck!

Finance forums are a heaven send
Where’s my Valium – I’m near my end

Grants and projects always increasing
Keeping the books is never ceasing

Core Characteristics and Altogether One
Feels like I need to run

Professional Development – learning’s good
Getting the time to learn all I could

The blues are meant to bear your soul
They help keep me in the fold

More attention, more learning
To take a rest I’ve got the yearning
Boss breathing down my neck
One more thing – what the heck!

Things seem hectic, changing and crazy
But I’m part of a future that ain’t hazy

I know my contribution is very important
That’s why I keep shuffling, stacking and sorting

They couldn’t do it without my piece
So I’m going to take a long term lease

I’m here to stay and give my all
And let the Innovation Blues be my call

Some days you just get those low down innovation blues . .