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IIHHS Receives Health Bites Grant

By: Megan Williams
Posted: November 11, 2009

A $3.4 million grant was awarded to JMU by the Virginia Department of Health to design and create a nutrition-based web site called Health Bites. Given to the university at the end of September, it is the largest grant given for a single project.

Health Bites will provide nutrition information for children and their families. Topics will range from eating tips, benefits of breastfeeding, to combating childhood obesity. It will provide the most up-to-date information and research through articles and video clips. According to Dr. Rhonda Zingraff in an article posted on JMU’s web site, the importance of the site’s versatility and interactivity will help it to reach out to the largest audience possible. 

Set to be up and running in three years, the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services will design the site. Zingraff, who is the director of the Institute, said she hopes the site will  “become a model for public health information.”

The grant comes after the University successfully completed work on the Virginia Department of Health’s new Web site about child health and development, Bright Futures.

Health Bites will be available through the VDH’s web site and will be available in Spanish and English.