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Dr. Evans Introduces Multidisciplinary Journal

By Amanda Rivera
Posted: February 20, 2008

Immersed in the field of school mental health, it was only natural that JMU Graduate Psychology professor and Director of the Alvin V. Baird Attention & Learning Disabilities Center, Dr. Steven Evans, introduce a comprehensive and multidisciplinary journal to his fellow colleagues.  After numerous publications in pediatric mental health and claims to various service projects, such as serving on national advisory boards for Center for School Mental Health Assistance and Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD), Dr. Evans became the founding editor of School Mental Health: A Multidisciplinary Research and Practice Journal. 

As stated in the mission statement, the journal is a “forum for the latest research related to prevention and treatment practices that are associated with our education system and target children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders.”  This past January, Dr. Evans and his founding editorial board have begun reviewing articles for publication.  “The field of school mental health has grown rapidly in the last 15 years as we recognize the many advantages of applying what we know about children’s mental health and development to the school setting… I think that this has been particularly exciting because the field represents active collaboration between educators, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and physician,” he says.  Look for the first issue of the journal to be released in the beginning of 2009!!