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Cyber Defense Competition to be held September 6, 2008

While cyber attackers are typically considered an unwelcome foe, JMU students will be welcoming them this weekend with open arms.  With a JMU team placing second in the regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition last year, Computer Science professors Dr. Hossain Heydari and Dr. Brett Tjaden have high hopes for their students this Saturday at the JMU Cyber Defense Competition. 

The competition, scheduled for September 6th  from 8:45-6:00 in room 143, will host six JMU teams.  These students will be responsible for maintaining the “confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical I.T. assets” for a fictional business.  While in charge of completing assigned tasks for the company, teams will also be fending off attacks from “red teams.”  While these cyber attackers are actually two companies from Northern Virginia, Computer Science Corporations and Gemini Security, the competition will serve to simulate real-life network attacks. 

Dr. Heydari says, “[The competition] provides our students a great experience in defending or securing their networks under attack. I am sure they will learn a lot from this exercise and it should prepare our team for the competition next spring.”