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JMU-RMH Collaborative Recognizes Five Successful Collaborative Projects at First Anniversary Celebration.

The JMU-RMH Collaborative celebrated its first anniversary and recognized five successful collaborative projects April 10 at the JMU Festival and Student Conference Center.

“We are pleased to be celebrating a successful first year during which the collaboration fostered more than 30 projects between our two institutions,” said Sharon Lovell, PhD, interim dean, CISAT, and 2007 Collaborative Steering Team chair. “The Collaborative has brought together the best of RMH, JMU and the community to achieve more than each of us could on our own, using our respective knowledge, skills and talents.”

Approximately 60 JMU and RMH leaders heard institutional overviews by JMU Provost Douglas T. Brown and RMH Chief Financial Officer Mike King.

The mission of the collaborative is to foster collaboration together. The five collaborative projects and participants recognized for 2007 are as follows:

  • The Harrisonburg Community Health Center—This community-oriented family practice serves the primary health care needs of children and families in the community on a sliding fee scale. The center improves access to care and serves as a medical home to many in our community. The center is the culmination of a significant community effort from a variety of partners, including the JMU-RMH Collaborative and the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Healthy Community Council. Project collaborators included Dale Carroll, MD; David Cockley, PhD; Jonathon Moss, MD; and Christopher Nye.
  • The Newborn Hearing Screening Program--This project is a model collaboration between the JMU Audiology graduate program and the RMH Family BirthPlace. Under the supervision of Clair Jacobson, AuD, audiology students routinely perform infant hearing screenings on the newborns in the Family BirthPlace. --more— JMU-RMH Collaborative Celebrates Successful First Year—2 “Because the audiology students are focused on this critical screening, nurses can spend additional time at the bedside,” explained Kay Harrison, RMH vice president, Business Development, and 2008 Collaborative Steering Team chair. Project collaborators included Clair Jacobson, AuD, and Sabrina Shiflett, RN.
  • Joint Institutional Review Board membership—Non-profit institutions that conduct any type of research involving human or non-human subjects must have an institutional review board to provide oversight. “The RMH institutional review board was in need of a community member to participate on our IRB,” explained Harrison. “While we needed someone with an ethics background, there was also the thought that we could place a member on JMU’s IRB. This collaboration allows both organizations to learn from each other and improve their critical oversight functions.” Project collaborators included David Cockley, PhD; Betsy Early, PharmD; Ming Ivory, PhD; Elizabeth Pharr; and Helen Young.
  • Diabetes Education Project--The diabetes education project’s goal was to help RMH obtain diabetes self-management education recognition by the American Diabetes Association and, more importantly, to help the participants improve the quality of their health. The collaborators were successful at both. Participants included Linda Hulton, RN, PhD; Julie Pierantoni, RN, MSN-C; and Jane See, RN, MSN, ANP.
  • Wetland Remediation Project--Under the direction of Dr. Wayne Teel, JMU students assisted RMH in an evaluation of the wetlands on its new campus. “This project is critical to both RMH and the environment,” said Harrison. “It provides a win-win in our efforts to build a green campus and become Virginia’s first LEED-certified hospital.” Project collaborators included Wayne Teel, PhD; Tom Benzing, PhD; Dennis Coffman; and students Brendan Conboy, Jade Jacobsen, Nicolaus Jaramillo, Kaitlin Reilly, Keven Sherman and Bonnie Tang. To learn more about the Collaborative, visit its Web site.