James Madison University

NEW COLLEGES FORMED A plan to reorganize the College of Integrated Science and Technology into two colleges took effect July 1, 2012. The new colleges are the College of Health and Behavioral Studies and the College of Integrated Science and Engineering.


Walking on Campus -- How Many Calories Do You Burn?

Dr. David Wenos and Joe Blandino have been directing a senior thesis for a group of ISAT students over the past year. The project is an interactive caloric expenditure map of the JMU campus. Basically it allows users to click onto a route on campus and determines the amount of calories a person would use as a result of walking the selected route.

There are measurements for approximately 50 routes; with a total of around 100 to account for both directions of each route. This will be an ongoing project for many years as it is updated, refined, and the arboretum trails are added. On the whole, it is a project that includes aspects of health promotion, metabolic measurements, global positioning information, computer applications, and mathematics illustrated as a collaborative activity in CISAT.