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Two JMU Students Won the 3nd Place in the ASME Region IV Design Competition

PHOTO: Asme Award

Two ISAT students; Megan Inouye and Robert Ollett, won the Third place at the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Region IV Student Conference. This region encompasses 18 colleges, Universities and Institutes from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and Northern Georgia. It is held annually for students to compete in different categories. This year it was held on March 28-30 at Richmond Community College, Hamlet, North Carolina.

The design competition was called "Moving On Up!", with the following design statement: A surface mining company is looking for a device to reduce the energy consumption of the material handling equipment used in their mountain mining operations. The company is seeking effective methods of utilizing the potential energy available in the local mountain streams to lift the ore up from the bottom of the open pit mine. To generate feasible concepts they are offering ASME Student Members the opportunity to design a prototype system. Your system must utilize the gravitational potential energy stored in two liters of water to lift as much simulated ore as possible out of the simulated mine and deposit it into a receiving bin. The ore will be simulated by long grain rice weighing approximately 830 kg/m^3.

The two students received a $50 check, a certificate and a plaque.

The two students' achievement was recognized today, May 1, 2003 with the attendance of Dr. Jerry Benson, Dr. Maria Papadakis, Dr. Jack Taylor and Dr. Karim Altaii.