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NEW COLLEGES FORMED A plan to reorganize the College of Integrated Science and Technology into two colleges took effect July 1, 2012. The new colleges are the College of Health and Behavioral Studies and the College of Integrated Science and Engineering.


Culture of Service Awards Presented at 2008 Science Leadership Conference

PHOTO: Award Recipients

The Department of Psychology at James Madison University is a recipient of the Departmental Award for Culture of Service in the Psychological Sciences and is being honored for an inspiring record of service to the discipline of psychology. The Department has a long tradition of service to the discipline through its support of faculty participating on local, state, regional, and national boards and committees, serving as officers in organizations, editing journals, mentoring students, hosting professional conferences, and working to address the needs of the local community. The department places a high value on service when recruiting new faculty and once a candidate joins the Department, that person is encouraged to expand their service activities. The department recognizes faculty with an annual award for outstanding service to the university, the discipline and the greater community. Faculty serve as mentors for students by encouraging them to join departmental committees, participate in professional service activities, and join psychology organizations, and by accompanying them to conferences. Students participate in the student Peer Advisors group and contribute to departmental and community service activities. The department is noted for having active chapters of Psi Chi and ABPsi. The Department of Psychology at James Madison University serves as an outstanding model of scholarship, teaching, and service to its colleagues, students, and community.

The Department of Psychology at James Madison University aims to provide high quality academic experiences for all undergraduate students, whether they are pursuing general education, majoring in psychology, or majoring in other subjects. The mission of the Department is to provide excellent training with a primary focus on psychological principles and research methodology. The faculty are committed to research and service, and they conduct many projects in collaboration with students. The Department's faculty are recognized and rewarded for service, have a lengthy tradition of service, and model service for their students.