Thank you for attending CHOICES!

Welcome to CHOICES!

CHOICES is an admitted student open house and your opportunity to get all your questions about JMU answered by the people who live those answers each day.

Sponsored by our Office of Admissions, CHOICES is a special day-long program for admitted freshmen and their families that showcases the challenging and supportive JMU environment.

During your visit, you have the chance to interact with university administrators, faculty and students, learn more about the academic programs, become familiar with the student support services, find out what is to come, and explore the campus!

Plan your CHOICES day!
Tips to make your CHOICES day great:
  1. Arrive early to park, check in, and receive a complete program with session locations. Arriving between 8 and 8:30 is ideal!
  2. Find what you're interested in studying and plan your day around that session. Undecided? Now's your time to explore our majors!
  3. Don't forget to grab lunch on campus - you can purchase a meal voucher during morning check in OR use cash/card at any dining facility.
  4. Take a tour of campus.
Planning your day...

There is no set schedule at CHOICES – students and their families are urged to explore campus and various areas of interest at their leisure throughout the day.

CHOICES Admitted Student Open House programs and campus maps will be given out upon check-in at the JMU Convocation Center on whichever day you attend.

We will post details about the event on this website as more information becomes available.

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