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Graduate Assistant Mentor Responsibilities

Small Group Mentor

Every graduate assistant will mentor a small cohort of undergraduate Centennial Scholars. Small Group meetings will be held on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. This role requires the organization of weekly, hour-long meetings that assist in the development of undergraduate Centennials. It is the responsibility of the graduate assistant to create and maintain a welcoming environment for his/her mentees in order to build trust and provide support during small group meetings.

One-on-One Meetings

Graduate assistants will meet with their mentees individually throughout the academic year, outside of small group meetings. The Executive Director will also periodically schedule meetings with each graduate assitant mentor.

Study Hall

Each graduate assistant must supervise five hours of study hall sessions each week, Monday through Sunday, in a designated location on the JMU campus. Study hall sessions are scheduled at the beginning of every semester. Mentors track and approve the Centennials' attendance at each study hall session.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Participate in the graduate assistant and undergraduate interview process.
  • Record weekly small group attendance and contact with mentees.
  • Assist the Program Administrator with the CSP Family Weekend Reception and Large Group Events.
  • Attend the mandatory graduate assistant training/retreat in August and January.
  • Each graduate assistant will be assigned a specific job role at the beginning of the academic year (Big Buddy/Little Buddy Coordinator, Study Hall Coordinator, Leadership Team, etc.)
  • Attend monthly Professional Development meetings.
  • Attend semi-monthly Large Group meetings.
  • Graduate assistant's may not hold outside employment unless prior approval has been granted by the Executive Director.

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