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Academic Support

Perhaps you didn't have to work that hard in high school to get good grades because it wasn't that challenging to you. You may find that college is a different story.  It will seem as though you have a lot more time to do your work, but that perception is deceptive because your professors will require much more reading, researching, writing, group work, and studying than you did in high school.  JMU provides many resources to help you improve your skills, knowledge, and understanding.


Study skills
Stress and time management
Reading strategies*
Learning styles
Goal setting
Communicating with professors

* Including keeping up with extensive reading

Workshops on these topics:
Academic Support Instruction

5-week series on these topics:
F.O.C.U.S.² (First Years Obtaining Creative and Useful Study Skills)

Individualized assistance with these topics:
Learning Strategies Instruction

Self-guided tutorials on these topics:
College of Education student toolbox 
LSI tips and strategies

Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics classes
Some Gen Ed math and science classes

Science and Math Learning Center 

WRTC classes

University Writing Center

Presentations, public speaking
SCOM classes

Communication Center 

Studying hard and using academic support but learning is still very challenging

Screening & Referral Service

English is your second language

English Language Learner Services 

Choosing or changing a major, career options

Career & Academic Planning

Questions about academic requirements and policies, or course descriptions

Undergraduate Catalog

Office of the Registrar

Extended class absences
Withdrawing from JMU during academic year

Office of the Dean of Students 

Help in specific science, math, business, and economics classes where the professor is using students trained to offer supplemental instruction

Peer Assisted Study Sessions


Tutoring and Academic Mentors

  • For a list of independent tutors in a variety of subjects, contact Residence Life's Tutor Connection at 540-568-3598. 
  • You can also try contacting the academic department for the course you’re taking to inquire about tutoring options.
  • Students on academic probation can also work one on one with an academic mentor to improve academic performance.

Other Resources

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