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Handouts and Promotional Materials

Check out our CAP Promotional Materials folder on Google Drive for information about our upcoming events, as well as handouts on everything from writing a resume to preparing for graduate school.

Classroom Presentations

If you would like to request a classroom presentation, contact the CAP liaison in your academic area.


Career & Academic Planning staff can help you to design a class assignment around JMU's job search tool, Handshake. Handshake connects students with employers who seek to hire JMU students, offers access to on-campus interviews with employers, and allows students to sign up for workshops on career-related topics. Contact to assist with verifying that your students have logged into their account, and/or uploaded a resume.


InterviewStream can make your assignments more interactive and help students gain perspective on their verbal and nonverbal communication skills, particularly in a job interview setting.  We’ve piloted the tool with a handful of faculty, and it was so successful, we are opening it up to the whole campus.

Check out the InterviewStream Guide for Faculty to get started.

View the Student InterviewStream page for troubleshooting and technical support contacts.

How it meets a need:
With the rise of technology use, our students need extra support to develop the communication skills they need to succeed in the workplace.  Furthermore, with virtual job interviews and meetings becoming more common, it’s more important than ever that students be prepared to present themselves in a professional way using a webcam. 

How it works:
InterviewStream allows students to record videos of themselves answering some of the thousands of pre-recorded questions for various industries that InterviewStream provides! These videos can be shared with family, friends, or professors for feedback, and the perspective they gain can help them to communicate more effectively not only in virtual settings, but also face-to-face.

Tips for making the most of InterviewStream

  • We recommend you keep your assignments short – 5 questions or less – to ensure that the videos are a manageable length.
  • You can enable the setting to allow your students to “retry” questions.
  • The InterviewStream platform has a place for students to rate themselves and receive qualitative and quantitative feedback from others on all aspects of their verbal and nonverbal communication.

To get started using InterviewStream, contact us at to request a professor account.  The system will walk you through setting up your first class assignment, and we’re available to help throughout the process!

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