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JMU's Recruiting Policies

Principles for Professional Conduct

  • Employers who recruit at James Madison University must adhere to the Principles for Professional Conduct for Employment Professionals taken from the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) principles statement.
  • Employers should also be aware of our Privacy Policy as it relates to your recruiting activities.

University Recruiting Guidelines

JMU’s Recruiting Services Program highly recommends the following policy for university recruiting activities. The intent of these guidelines is to ensure that employers and students are engaged in a mutually beneficial process which allows for an adequate time period to contemplate opportunities. In doing so, provides for optimal results in establishing long term employment relationships. 

  • Any and all recruiting activities should take place in areas on campus that are designated for these types of activities such as rooms and common, high student traffic areas reserved through Career and Academic Planning. Areas not appropriate for recruiting activities may be dining facilities, academic buildings, libraries, etc. unless prior communication has occurred through Career and Academic Planning to ensure adherence to university policy.
  • Use of exploding offers and/or bonuses is discouraged as a high pressure technique which may not provide students with the opportunity of timely consideration in order to make an informed decision
  • Employers are encouraged as part of their recruiting process to request unofficial transcripts from students to ensure successful progression through their curriculum and an adequate academic knowledge base for employment with your organization
  • The On Campus Recruiting Program requires that those organizations that are hiring for a position that is 100% commission or one that requires a candidate to pay a fee for training, equipment, application procedures or other job related expenses (this does not apply to federal and state licensing requirements such as real estate, securities, etc.) communicate this to prospective candidates during the interview process.
  • Encourage flexibility and consideration of students’ academic obligations when scheduling second round interviews, particularly in an instance of same day second round interviews or next day second round interviews, and/or those that may take place during exam time periods. 

Employment Offer Guidelines   

Full-Time Employment

  • For offers made to interns/externs prior to their graduation year, we ask that you provide them with the first half of the fall semester (until first or second week of October) to consider their decision.  This amount of time provides the opportunity to exercise good judgment during that process.
  • For offers to graduating students during Fall and Spring Recruiting to begin employment during the following summer timeframe, we ask that you allow these students a minimum of three (3) weeks to consider their decision.

Internship Employment

  • For offers to summer interns/externs during Fall and Spring Recruiting to begin employment during the following summer timeframe, we ask that you allow these students a minimum of three (3) weeks to consider their decision.
  • JMU’s Recruiting Services Program requires that you adhere to the criteria designated by the Fair Labor Standards Act, as set forth by the Department of Labor, for all unpaid internships. Please see the Fair Labor Standards Act Fact Sheet for detailed information about unpaid internship guidelines.

Access to Resume Books

  • In order to obtain access to Resume Books in Recruit-A-Duke, an employer must have previous experiences with recruiting JMU students on campus.  Employers must be given access by administrators in order to view information or resumes directly from the Recruit-A-Duke system. Requests for resume book access rights must be made to
  • It is policy that third party employers are not given access to resume books.

Third Party Employers

  • Providing services to third party employers is at the discretion of the On-Campus Interviewing Program.
  • To recruit through our programs, third party employers must adhere to the following guidelines: (1) Identify their status as a third party employer and the organization that they are representing; (2) A full description of each position will be required; (3) Included in the posting is the name of the company seeking to fill the position (in addition to the name of the third party employer); (4) No solicitations in any manner during any part of the recruiting process will be approved.


Please contact us at or at 540-568-6229.