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Expectations of Ethical and Legal Recruiting Conduct
  • Organizations are responsible for the legal and ethical conduct of all authorized representatives throughout the recruiting process.
  • Employers who recruit at James Madison University must adhere to the Principles for Professional Conduct for Employment Professionals taken from the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) principles statement.
  • Employers must also adhere to the EEOC’s Employment Discrimination Prohibitions throughout the recruiting process.
  • In compliance with the U.S. Department of Justice, employers are not able to limit student applications based on work authorization status. The Department of Labor has sanctioned the following questions to determine authorization when reviewing candidates:
    • Are you legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer?
    • Will you now or in the near future require visa sponsorship?
  • Employers must also adhere to the Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Employers should also be aware of our Privacy Policy and the Department of Justice’s Best Practices as it relates to their recruiting activities.

University Recruiting Guidelines

The intent of these guidelines is to ensure that employers and students are engaged in a mutually beneficial process which allows for an adequate time period to contemplate opportunities. Doing so provides optimal results in establishing long term employment relationships. 

  • We reserve the right to decline access to our recruiting platform to organizations with Trust Scores below 70%.
  • We reserve the right to decline access to our recruiting platform to organizations who have been flagged in Handshake for suspicious or unprofessional activities at our fellow colleges and universities.
  • We do not currently approve any employers producing, testing, distributing, or otherwise promoting products related to the cannabis industry in order to comply with both state and federal laws.
  • We do not approve positions that include or encourage door-to-door sales.
  • Employers are encouraged in position descriptions and during the interview process to request unofficial transcripts from students to ensure successful progression through their curriculum and an adequate academic knowledge base for employment with your organization
  • Positions that are 100% commission or require a candidate to pay a fee for training, equipment, application procedure, or other job-related expenses will not be approved on our online recruiting platform. (This does not apply to federal and state licensing requirements such as real estate, securities, etc.)
  • Positions offering partial commission compensation must clearly state the guaranteed base salary and estimated commission potential as separate figures in the initial posting to our online recruiting platform.
  • We discourage employers from creating an environment promoting undue alcohol consumption at recruiting events and offer acceptance celebrations, and ask employers to be mindful of the CDC’s minimum legal drinking age when interacting with students at these events.
  • We ask that employers hosting mandatory recruiting events that an immediate response without advanced notice for planning purposes consider students’ academic requirements as priority.
  • Employers are asked not to penalize students in the recruiting process due to adherence to their academic responsibilities in the event that they are unable to attend an event.
  • We reserve the right to decline or revoke access to our online recruiting platform and/or on-campus recruiting activities for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to decline positions that do not meet our criteria for professional opportunities for our students.

Employment Offer Guidelines   

Use of exploding offers and/or bonuses is discouraged as a high-pressure technique which may not provide students with the opportunity of timely consideration in order to make an informed decision. We ask that employers adhere to the below timelines for students’ offer consideration time frame. 

If a student does accept your employment offer for a full-time position or an internship prior to the stated deadline, that is their prerogative. In the unfortunate instance that your firm has adhered to these guidelines and a student reneges on an offer, please notify our Career Center immediately. 

Full-Time Employment

  • Offers to Interns/Externs Prior to their Graduation Year
    • October 15th or 3 weeks after offer date (whichever allows more time)
  • Offers to Graduating Students During Fall Recruitment
    • October 15th or 3 weeks after offer date (whichever allows more time)
  • Offers to Graduating Students During Spring Recruitment
    • February 25th or 3 weeks after offer date (whichever allows more time)

Internship Employment

  • Offers to Interns/Externs Prior to their Graduation Year
    • October 15th or 3 weeks after offer date (whichever allows more time)
  • Offers to Summer Interns During Fall Recruitment
    • October 15th or 3 weeks after offer date (whichever allows more time)
  • Offers to Summer Interns During Spring Recruitment
    • February 25th or 3 weeks after offer date (whichever allows more time)

Third Party Employers
  • Providing services to third party employers is at the discretion of Employer Services.
  • Any new or existing third party recruiting organization that fails to identify themselves as third party in Handshake will be declined by default; contacts are encouraged to correct this information through Handshake Support.
  • To recruit through our programs, third party employers must adhere to the following guidelines: (1) Identify their status as a third party employer; (2) Not charge fees to students, and (3) not disclose any student information for any reason without obtaining prior written consent from the student.  
  • Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for anything other than the original recruiting purposes nor can it be sold or provided to other entities.
  • In the event that these guidelines are not met, we reserve the right to revoke access to our online recruiting platform.

On-Campus Recruiting Events
  • We request that employers coordinate on-campus recruiting activities through Career Services to ensure organizations do not host conflicting events or events that do not comply with University policies.
  • All on-campus recruiting activities should take place in areas that are designated for these types of activities such as rooms and common, high student traffic areas reserved through Career & Academic Planning. Areas not appropriate for recruiting activities may be dining facilities, academic buildings, libraries, etc. unless prior communication has occurred through Career & Academic Planning to ensure adherence to university policy.
  • We ask that employers be mindful of their responsibility to communicate any changes or cancellations of event details to their student attendees and to Career Services. 

On-Campus Interviewing
  • Interviews facilitated by Career & Academic Planning must take place in JMU’s Interview Center.
  • Employers must continually adhere to legal and ethical recruiting conduct expectations throughout the on-campus interview process.
  • Recruiters are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their on-campus recruiting model, timeline, and deadlines upon approval to ensure a successful recruiting experience. An employer who misses their set deadlines may need to manually schedule their interviews outside of the recruiting platform.
  • While employers are welcome to make changes to interview schedules should they have last minute updates, we cannot provide follow up communication on your behalf to any students who missed an interview scheduled outside of our recruiting platform.
  • We encourage employers to consider students’ academic obligations when scheduling next-round interviews with short notice and ask that students not be penalized for being unable to attend for academic reasons.
    • To that effect, we ask that employers be mindful of the University’s exam schedule in scheduling both on- and off-campus recruiting activities with students.
Virtual & Off-Campus Events
  • We ask that employers post their virtual and off-campus events in Handshake and receive approval prior to requesting promotion to students.
  • We do not approve off-campus events that require fees for attendance or participation.
  • We do not approve off-campus events that do not pertain specifically to recruiting.
  • Off-campus events must be submitted with at least 1 week’s notice; we do not approve last-minute, non-local events.
  • We ask employers to be clear about the time of their virtual events and do not indicate a required viewing time for prerecorded webinars. Our students often adjust their schedules to accommodate participating in such events and we therefore ask for transparency in any required time commitments.
  • We reserve the right to decline any off-campus & virtual events that do not meet our criteria for professional opportunities for our students.
  • In addition to monitoring the application and RSVP numbers for your postings and events, we encourage you to submit a promotion request so that we may partner with you in your promotional efforts.
  • Your postings, on-campus interviews, and recruiting events must first be confirmed before submitting your promotion request. Any requests submitted before being approved on Handshake will be discarded.
  • Your promotion request must be submitted at least 3 weeks before your application deadline or recruiting event date.
  • Required promotional materials must be sent to within 1 business day of submitting the promotion request.
  • Though we are happy to partner with you on your promotional efforts, we are not responsible for your final applicant and attendee numbers. Please be aware that many factors impact these numbers, though there are many strategies to build your brand in order to increase your numbers as well.

Inclement Weather Policy
  • Should the University be closed for inclement weather, any recruiting event or activity being held on campus will automatically be cancelled.
  • Our staff will be available to assist with questions about rescheduling your on-campus events once the University reopens.
  • Please be sure to alert us to any changes regarding the contact information of your recruiting personnel due to inclement weather.
  • Please note that you are responsible for informing any students you have communicated with outside of our recruiting platform about the cancellation of your recruiting event, as they will not receive communication from our office.
  • We encourage you to monitor the JMU delay and cancellation information prior to and on the day of your scheduled attendance if there is predicted inclement weather by visiting or calling 540-433-5300.

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