College of Arts and Letters Diversity Council

Mission and Charge

The CAL Diversity Council is guided by the university objective to provide equal employment and educational opportunities for all persons without regard to age, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, parental status, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status.

The main functions of the Council are to

  1. advise the dean of the College of Arts and Letters on issues related to diversity, access, and inclusion;
  2. serve as a network of faculty and staff in CAL to exchange information on best practices and programs revolving around diversity, access, and inclusion;
  3. support activities and programming that foster diversity, access, and inclusion in CAL.

As part of these functions, the council

  • supports inclusive faculty and staff searches by circulating information on best search practices;
  • provides a welcoming and inclusive community for faculty and staff by
    • supporting mentoring programs in CAL or its constituent units;
    • supporting networking opportunities for college faculty and staff;
    • supporting career development in CAL;
    • providing information on best practices and ongoing programs in mentoring and networking;
  • (co-)organizes and advertises opportunities for scholarly and civic engagement with diversity, access, and inclusion;
  • supports dialogues in the college community that address issues related to diversity, access, and inclusion;
  • supports units in CAL in their effort to reach out to, recruit, and retain a diverse student body.

Membership (2018-19)

Heather Scheuerman, JUST, Chair

Robert Aguirre, Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Liam Buckley, SOC/ANTH (Fall)

Lisa Porter, SOC/ANTH (Spring)

Jennifer E. Byrne, POSC (Fall)

Mark Richardson, POSC (Spring)

Jessica B. Davidson, HIST

Diana Galaretta, FLLC (Fall)

Yenisei Montes de Oca, FLLC (Spring)

Adrienne M. Hooker, SMAD

Bill Knorpp, PHIL/REL

Elizabeth Pass, WRTC

Mary Thompson, ENG

Isaac Woo, SCOM



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