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There are three ways in which you can participate in honors work at JMU:

  • as Honors Scholars
  • through subject-area honors
  • through a senior honors capstone event.

Honors participation is available to those students within the Computer Science program who meet the same qualifications required of any other JMU student.

Honors Scholars participate in four years of honors study, including a six-hour senior honors project. Designation as an Honor's Scholar is by invitation and application during the senior year of high school. Being an Honors Scholar is the most comprehensive and demanding level of participation in honors work at JMU. Additional information is available from the Honors College.

All students who major in Computer Science and graduate With Distinction are required to use the "honors capstone event" to make a contribution to either the field/discipline of computer science or to make a contribution to society at large using computational thinking. Additional information is available in the CS Senior Project Guidelines.

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