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The Department of Computer Science offers the following course as an academic framework for independent study:

  • CS 497. Independent Study. 1-3 credits. An advanced course to give independent study experience under faculty supervision. May be taken multiple times for credit, but no more than three credits may be used in the Computer Science graduation requirements. Prerequisite: Junior standing, major in Computer Science, and permission of the program coordinator. The course is intended to provide an opportunity for students to earn academic credit for independent study of a topic of mutual interest to the student and a faculty member.

  • The responsibility for identifying a project and a faculty adviser is the student's. The project may or may not involve employment by an external organization.

  • The student in conjunction with the faculty adviser will organize a set of specifications that will determine the scope and objectives of the project. This document will be signed both by the student and by the faculty adviser and submitted to the Department Office. The department head will review the proposal and approve it if the scope and objectives are clearly specified and suitable for the number of credits sought. In cases where the proposal is not approved, the student may appeal the decision of the department head to the undergraduate committee, whose decision will be final.

  • The final evaluation will include whether the project objectives were completed. Depending upon its nature, a project summary, software demonstration, or paper will be delivered at the conclusion of the project. The faculty adviser will assign the final grade. 

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