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Application to Graduate

All students must apply to graduate. Applications for spring and summer graduation are due in mid-October, and due in mid-April for fall graduation. The application to graduate must include:

Print the three items above and follow the next steps:

  1. Fill out the forms.
  2. Take the forms to your minor advisor(s) and department head(s) to be signed.
  3. Take the forms to your second major advisor and department head to be signed.
  4. Take the forms to your CS advisor to be signed.
  5. Drop the forms off to Dr. Fox in ISAT/CS 220.

If your courses differ from those on your application to graduate, you will need to file a new application (and go through the same process). If you don't, the registrar will need to verify your courses and your degree may be delayed.

Senior Exit Interviews

Every CS major is required to complete a survey and participate in an exit interview (for approximately one hour) during the last week of classes (in spring of the calendar year they graduate). The interview is designed to improve the CS Department and the JMU CS student experience. Input from our graduating students has lead to curriculum changes, advising changes, facilities changes, changes in administrative processes.

For more information on graduation, please visit the JMU Commencement website

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