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The CS major has no concentrations and single certificate in Information Security. But students interested in particular areas of computer science can choose electives to familiarize themselves with particular areas of our discipline and prepare themselves for work in particular areas.

Artifical Intelligence Cluster

CS/ISAT 344 Intelligent Systems

CS 354 Introduction to Autonomous Robotics

CS 444 Artificial Intelligence

Software Development Cluster

CS 347 Web-Based Information Systems

CS 349 Developing Interactive Multimedia

CS 446 Software Analysis and Design

CS/ISAT 447 Interaction Design

CS 470 Parallel and Distributed Systems

Systems Cluster

CS 432 Compiler Construction

CS/ISAT 462 Network Applications Development

CS 450 Operating Systems

CS 456 Computer Architecture

CS 470 Parallel and Distributed Systems

CS 480 Selected Topics: Embedded Systems

Graduate School Cluster

CS 442 Logic in Computer Science

CS/MATH 448-449 Numerical Mathematics and Computer Applications

CS 452 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS 488 Computer Graphics Applications

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