This page provides a list of local conferences for students to present at, listed by general time of year, on the left, and with specific dates for this year, on the right.

Annual Schedule of Conferences:

This Year:


MARCUS: Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship: Website


  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Website
  • Colonial Academic Alliance Conference (CAA). Website

The deadline for JMU internal applications for students to attend the National  Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or the Colonial Academic Alliance Conference (CAA)in October.

Applications for the conferences.

Association of Southeastern Biologists. More info:


International Congress for Conservation Biology More info:

The calendar below shows exact dates for conferences and who from the JMU Biology Department is attending. Research groups can work together to share vans etc. Click on a conference title for more information.

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