The Bioscience building is well equipped for teaching and research with facilities and instrumentation including:

A state-of the art greenhouse facility with lighting, temperature and humidity control. There are separate sections for teaching and research


A core light microscopy facility, with several DIC and fluorescence microscopes, a confocal laser scanning microscope, and a dedicated specimen preparation laboratory. Adjacent to it is a 16-seat teaching lab in which every microscope has a digital camera and computer display. This classroom can be reserved for use by any class group.

An environmentally-controlled herbarium, which  is open, by appointment, to anyone who wishes to use it. JMU Biology students participate in the collection and preservation of plant specimens for the herbarium.


shared equipment

Multiple shared equipment rooms containing, for example, an Illumina MiniSeq DNA sequencer, two Oxford Nanopore Minion DNA Sequencers, an Ion Torrent PGM DNA sequencer, multiple real-time thermal cyclers and standard thermal cyclers, gel documentation equipment, plate readers, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, incubators, -80°C freezers, autoclaves and fume hoods.

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