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Biology - Scholarships

Each year the Department presents a number of scholarships, listed below, to some of the many outstanding biology majors.  Click on each scholarship name for more information.  The Department also presents a number of awards to current students each spring.  There are also a number of College-wide and University-wide scholarships and awards.  Students also receive awards and scholarships from outside sources.

Biology Merit Scholarships

2009-2010 Recipient: Victoria Stratton (2nd year)


This scholarship has been discontinued

Chappelear Scholarhips

2013-2014 Recipients: Faizan Ahmad, Cassandra Baier, Allie Casto, Sarah Hermak, Shvan Kareem, Emily McGlone, Nicholas Minahan, Adaoma Okafor, Mahmud Rashid, Russie Tran

Application (.doc)
(due in March-April) 

Federal Student Assistance

Description:   These scholarships of approximately $1000 per year are based on grade point average, a statement of interest and career plans, and a letter of recomendation. Students must also show evidence of financial need and must submit a signed FAFSA form to the Department of Education ( by the time of application. The awards are renewable. 

History :  Established by Nancy Chappelear Baird '40, and her husband, Alvin V. Baird Jr., in memory of Nancy's father, George Warren Chappelear Jr. in May 1981. Nancy graduated from Madison College with a B.S. in Mathematics.  She worked in the applied physics laboratory at Johns Hopkins, the geophysical laboratory at the Carnegie Institution, for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in the office of the naval architect and served on the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.  Alvin Baird attended the University of Virginia and served in the Army during World War II.  The Bairds were involved with the university for years, most recently the Alvin V. Baird, Jr. Attention and Learning Disabilities Center.  Nancy died in November 2002. George Chappelear was born in 1889 in Delaplane, Virginia.  He started college at the University of Richmond, but finished at Virginia Tech.  In 1918 Dr. Julian Burrus, president of the Harrisonburg Normal School, asked him to come be in charge of buildings and grounds and head the biology department.  He remained until his death from a heart attack in October 1944.  Chappelear Hall is named for him.

Jean D. Acton Scholarhips 

2012-2013 Recipients: Marcus Skaflen, Kristie Prtorich

Application (.docx) 
(due Jan 15-Feb 15)

Federal Student Assistance  

Description:   These scholarships are for undergraduate and graduate students in biology conducting research in Microbiology or Immunology. To apply please fill out an application form (see above) by February 15.

CriteriaRecipients shall be undergraduate biology majors studying in the particular area of microbiology or immunology and having a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25, or alternatively, recipients shall be graduate students in biology interested in the study of immunology and having a graduate record examination score in the seventieth percentile. Students must show evidence of financial need and must submit a signed FAFSA form to the Department of Education ( by February 15. 

History:  Established via a bequest from Dr. Jean Acton, a former faculty member in the Department of Biology. 


Previous Recipients (2002-2013)