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Phi Beta Kappa professors at JMU

JMU's mission aligns closely with Phi Beta Kappa's goals. "Reasoned inquiry and heartfelt exploration are central to JMU's efforts to help students become educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives," says Charles Blake, professor of political science and Phi Beta Kappa member. See below for a full list of Phi Beta Kappa professors at JMU.

Phi Beta Kappa professors at JMU

Phi Beta Kappa symbol

  • Melinda Adams
  • Sharon Babcock
  • Charles Blake
  • Kevin Borg
  • Lynn Cameron
  • Don Chodrow
  • Jennifer Connerley
  • Sharon Cote
  • Charles Cunningham
  • Ronn Daniel
  • Philip Dillard
  • Joanne Doyle
  • Kathleen Ferraiolo
  • Suzanne Fiederlein
  • Christopher Fox
  • Robert Geary
  • Stephany Gould-Plecker
  • Joann Grayson
  • Steven Guerrier
  • Linda Halpern
  • Susan Halsell
  • John Hanson
  • Patricia Hardesty
  • Leslie Harlacker
  • Carol Harllee
  • J. Christine Harmes
  • Mark Hawthorne
  • Kevin Hegg
  • Eleanor Henderson
  • Laura Henigman
  • Laura Hickerson
  • Jacquelyn Downar
  • Daniel Kerr
  • Sallie King
  • Kay Knickrehm
  • Robert Kolvoord
  • David Lane
  • Kathryn Layman
  • Carla Dee Martin
  • Richard Meixsel
  • Kevin Minbiole
  • Laura Parks
  • Amy Paugh
  • Andrea Pesce
  • Dorn Peterson
  • Steven Reich
  • Monica Reis-Bergan
  • Robert Roberts
  • Joseph Rudmin
  • John Scherpereel
  • William Sherwood
  • Julie Solometo
  • Kristen St. John
  • Lee Sternberger
  • Anthony Tongen
  • Brian Utter
  • William Van Norman
  • Melissa Van Vuuren
  • Patricia Warner
  • Richard West
  • Steve Whitmeyer
  • Joyce Wszalek