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Linwood H. Rose

JMU's 21st Century president

Photo: Linwood H. Rose

As James Madison University's 21st Century president, Linwood Rose has found inspiration in the past as he leads a university he knows well into an exciting future. Rose assumed the presidency in 1998, a pinnacle move in a career spent almost exclusively at JMU. A Staunton native and graduate of Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, Rose knew the school better than any of his predecessors when he assumed the presidency. And he knew where JMU should go. First, he looked back and strengthened the university's identification with President James Madison, aligning the school historically and philosophically with one of the nation's most influential presidents. Like President Madison, Rose has led during a period in history where the ground seems to be shifting. External forces such as fast-changing technologies, a broadening world perspective, and cataclysmic world events have presented challenges which Rose has met head on. In recognizing what lies just beyond the horizon, Rose has charted a course not to simply react but to create opportunity throughout a landscape of change. He has led exceptionally in recognizing the university's need for private funding. He has also made the JMU world more beautiful and endearing by his vigorous support of the arts and by advocating protection of the environment. He has encouraged and supported increased diversity on campus and has challenged students, faculty and alumni to make the world a better place with their service.

Tenure: 1998-present
Name: James Madison University