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Amy McPherson ('83)

Executive Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing, Marriott International

Photo: Amy McPherson

As executive vice president for global sales and marketing for Marriott International, Amy says her team strives for "going from great to world-class." Creating a world-class team of executives is one of Amy's proudest achievements at Marriott, where she has worked for more than 20 years, and now answers directly to William J. Shaw, president. Her work not only helps her meet her goals professionally, but also personally, as she supports children's organizations such as the Children's Miracle Network. Wherever she journeys -- and she travels extensively -- she returns to basic lessons she learned at JMU's College of Business. Good communication and teamwork define successful organizations. She returns to JMU at least twice a year as vice chair of COB's Executive Advisory Council, where she provides support and counsel.

"You've got to find what you're passionate about. You've got to find what you love to do and don't make trade-offs in the short run to make more money. If you do what you're passionate about, the professional growth and money will follow."