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Special Agent Charles T. May Jr. ('83)

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Photo: Charles T. May Jr.

His career has been the stuff of heroes: fighting terrorism, protecting the president and foreign dignitaries, investigating high-profile criminals, training special agents. Every day for more than 23 years, Special Agent Charles T. May Jr., has confronted some of the world's sinister elements and battled for justice. His work with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service has sent him around the globe, working thousands of investigations in every major criminal category. And he loves it. "The best part about being an NCIS agent is that I do something different and significant every day," he says. He came to Madison with the goal of entering law enforcement and gives his alma mater credit for his success: "I owe most of what I have become professionally to JMU. I learned to operate in a culturally diverse environment. I learned discipline, organizational skills and courage. I give special thanks to Coach Challace McMillin for helping me early on to aim high and truly be the best that I was capable of." And Charles has done that in a big way, receiving numerous accolades and service medals along the way. Nevertheless, he says he is most proud of his family and his faith.

"In everything I do in life I want to reflect positively on my family -- our values, our pride, our motivation, our determination, our life! At the end, I'd like people to say I was a good son, father and friend."