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Donna Sizemore Hale ('81)

Executive Director, American String Teachers Association

Photo: Donna Sizemore Hale ('81)

As the executive director of the nonprofit American String Teachers Association, Donna is orchestrating a difference for the future of music education and young musicians. During her time at ASTA, she has launched several programs to ensure that children have the chance to participate in music, including providing bows and instruments to children, supporting the development of local string programs, and advocating for music education. In addition, Donna spent several years working for the National Society for Experiential Education and WAVE Inc., a national nonprofit education organization where she helped at-risk children improve their futures through advanced education. Donna was honored for her contributions to her family, employers and community as a runner-up in the 2002 National Working Mother of the Year competition. Donna explains, "Being a mom is the highlight of my life. My girls are my inspiration and having them made me realize that we all have a responsibility to help our children."

"I have been asked many times by friends and family why I did not switch to the corporate world for the better salary and benefits. The main reason I have not done this is that I like the idea of being a 'change agent.' I think that by devoting my life to nonprofit work, I have been able to have a huge impact on children and thus have helped in some small way to change their worlds."