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Photo: Study abroad in Africa Madison's people -- professors, students, alumni -- address crucial global issues every day. Through innovative and cutting-edge research seasoned with a global-centric understanding, they invest in the future of people around the world on both national and individual levels. With a substantial investment in people worldwide, they are building a framework for mutual global understanding.

The Stories ...

Two tumultuous years

Award-winning alumnus author Nicholas Schmidle ('01) explains the realities of fighting the Taliban Based on his expertise in Pakistan and Afghanistan, award-winning alumnus author Nicholas Schmidle ('01) explains the realities of fighting the Taliban and his perspective on current events in the region… Read More

Why Africa matters

Professor of justice studies, J. Peter Pham Professor of justice studies, J. Peter Pham shares his expertise on Africa's strategic importance ... Read More

Peace in the Holy Land

Former President Jimmy Carter When former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, visited the JMU campus to accept the 2009 Mahatma Gandhi Global Nonviolence Award, President Carter spoke ... Read More

Leave home, find yourself

Director of JMU's Semester in Florence program Alessandro Gentili Director of JMU's Semester in Florence program Alessandro Gentili believes that knowledge and appreciation of other cultures leads to a full appreciation of one's own self. "If you don't leave home, there way you can find your own self," he says ... Read More

The People ...

  1. Matt Carasella ('03)

    Matt Carasella ('03)

    Founder, Little Shutterbugs

    A picture is worth a thousand words. But for Matt Carasella and his young Brazilian friends, it's worth far more. Matt founded Little Shutterbugs, a photography workshop for children ... Read more

  2. Cynthia Coolbaugh ('70)

    Cynthia Coolbaugh ('70)

    Section Head for Conference Services for the International Atomic Energy Agency

    When international politics heats up, so does life for Cynthia Coolbaugh ('70), whose Madison years were capped by a student protest that found her and her family disinvited from her ... Read More

  3. Maj. Patrick Creed ('93)

    Maj. Patrick Creed ('93)

    Reconstructing a nation

    In October 2005, Maj. Patrick Creed, who graduated from JMU on an ROTC scholarship, received a telegram announcing his second term of duty in Iraq. After spending five intense months... Read More

  4. Sarita Hartz ('02)

    Sarita Hartz ('02)

    Director, Zion Project

    In March 2006, Sarita traveled to Uganda for five months and saw things she had only read about. She explains, "I saw the disease, starvation and desperation of communities that were now forced ... Read More

  5. Lesley Kipling ('99)

    Lesley Kipling ('99)

    Iraq War Veteran

    During her 11-month tour, Lesley Kipling worked side by side with Iraqi policemen -- most of whom had never before worked with a woman ... Read More

  6. Karina Kline-Gabel ('92)

    Karina Kline-Gabel ('92)

    Director of AMISTAD

    Growing up in Harrisonburg as the child of an U.S.-born father and Colombian mother, Karina was embued with confidence -- her bicultural acumen earned her the affectionate moniker of ... Read More

  7. Jonathan Koves ('05)

    Jonathan Koves ('05)

    Entrepreneur and founder of .com

    American Mensa member Jonathan Koves exhibits a talent for revolutionary thinking. As a freshman at JMU working out of his dorm room, Jonathan started his own Web site development ... Read More

  8. David LaMotte ('90)

    David LaMotte ('90)

    Independent musician and activist

    To singer/songwriter David LaMotte, music is not just a career. It is his chance to make a difference. Aside from releasing 10 albums and performing over 2,000 shows, David, alongside ... Read More

  9. Emily Lewis Lee ('43)

    Emily Lewis Lee ('43)

    World War II Veteran

    For Emily Lee, collecting tin or knitting wool squares for the war effort was not enough. Emily rushed to earn her American Dietetics Association registration, then ... Read More

  10. Samier Mansur ('07)

    Samier Mansur ('07)

    International Affairs Major
    President, Muslim Student Association

    Samier Mansur is immersing himself in his chosen discipline and giving his fellow students ample opportunity to widen their views of other cultures. As a pro-democracy and anti-terrorism student fellow of ... Read More

  11. Special Agent Charles T. May Jr. ('83)

    Special Agent Charles T. May Jr. ('83)

    Naval Criminal Investigative Service

    His career has been the stuff of heroes: fighting terrorism, protecting the president and foreign dignitaries, investigating high-profile criminals, training special agents. Every day for more ... Read More

  12. MeMe McKee ('99)

    MeMe McKee ('99)

    Peace Corps Volunteer

    In destitute villages of Nicaragua, where MeMe McKee lived for two years, the meaning of one bean, one kernel of corn, one grain of sorghum becomes huge. It becomes hope ... Read More

  13. Bobby McMahon ('06)

    Bobby McMahon ('06)

    Homebuilder, Habitat for Humanity International

    Bobby McMahon's commitment to service has enabled him to go above and beyond the call of duty to do what he can to help others. For one year this Madison alum served as an AmeriCorps ... Read More

  14. Dr. Sushil Mittal

    Dr. Sushil Mittal

    Associate Professor of Religion
    Director, Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence

    Sushil Mittal found a unique way to bring change to the Madison campus as founding director of the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence ... Read More

  15. Daniel Morgan ('10)

    Daniel Morgan ('10)

    Socially conscious designer

    Daniel Morgan ('10) has an insatiable desire to build things. After a mission trip to Uganda — a country ravaged by political and economic troubles — the sculpture major from Lynchburg wondered if he ... Read More

  16. Ross Paterson ('90)

    Ross Paterson ('90)

    Founder and director of Global Fusion

    After attending Madison on a four-year ROTC scholarship, Ross began a military career that culminated as a company commander in the 101st Airborne Division. He then spent seven years ... Read More

  17. Dr. J. Peter Pham

    Dr. J. Peter Pham

    Associate Professor of Justice Studies

    J. Peter Pham's contributions toward justice for all are plentiful. As one of the official U.S. delegates, he monitored Liberia's 2005 presidential and legislative polls, the first free elections in the ... Read More

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