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Assessment Resources

Assessment Methods


CARS staff are producing a series of Podcasts on key assessment topics. Click here to see the list of available podcasts.

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Assessment Tips, Techniques, and Examples

The Center for Assessment and Research Studies has assembled some tips, techniques, and examples of good assessment practice:


Additional Resources

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The Dictionary of Student Outcome Assessment

Communication about assessment and student outcomes sometimes uses multiple terms to refer to the same concept, of the same term with different meanings.

The Dictionary of Student Outcome Assessment can help you decifer the often-confusing constellation of works used in measuring learning.

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Starting a Doctoral Program in Assessment

JMU's Ph.D. program in assessment and measurement was the first of its kind in the United States and is still a pioneer in the education of future scholars and practitioners to perform the important role of determining the effectiveness of educational programs.

At the request of institutions interested in starting similar programs, JMU has assembled suggestions and considerations that may help when starting a program in assessment and measurement.

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Characteristics of an Effective Assessment Program

The list of characteristics of an effective assessment program includes 14 critical components for the successful evaluation of student learning.









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