Assessment Leaders Around the Globe
      Interview with Dr. Brown and Dr. Race
      Inaugural National Learning Improvement Summit
      Interview with Dr. Catherine Wehlburg
      Interview with Dr. Markle and Dr. Russell 
      Interview with Dr. Kate McConnell
      Interview with Dr. Bucalos and Dr. Ellis
      Archived Interviews

Assessment Leaders at JMU
      Computer Information System Interview - Dr. Tom Dillon and Dr. Diane Lending
      Interview with - Dr. Mark Warner
      Interview with - Dr. Jerry Benson
      Center for Faculty Innovation - Interview
      The Madison Collaborative: Campus-wide ethical reasoning initiatives
      General Education: University-wide faculty inclusion and innovation
      First Year Orientation: Connecting the dots through implementation fidelity improvement

Assessment Leaders from CARS
      Drs. Finney & Fulcher Travel to Stanford University for Empirical Educator Project
      Interview with Dr. Sara Finney
      CARS Hosts Alumni Panel
      Interview with Dr. Jeanne Horst
      Interview with Dr. John Hathcoat

Links to Leaders and Collaborators
      Virginia Assessment Group
      National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment
      Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts – Wabash College
      American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)
      Association for Institutional Research
      Research and Practice in Assessment
      Assessment Update

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