Melinda Adams

Dr. Melinda Adams

Political Science

Courses taught: POSC 353: African Politics

AAAD Curriculum Committee

Aderonke Adesanya

Dr. Aderonke Adesanya

Art History

Courses taught:


Ms. Lauren Alleyne


Courses taught:E NG 392. Introduction to Poetry, ENG 302. Caribbean Literature.

Emeka Anaza

Dr. Emeka Anaza

Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management

Courses taught:

AAAD Conference Committee 


Dr. Ruthie Bosch

Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities Department

Courses taught: EDUC 310. Teaching in a Diverse Society

Bethany Bryson

Dr. Bethany Bryson


Courses taught: SOCI 354. Social Inequality and SOCI 363. Race and Ethnicity

Liam Buckley

Dr. Liam Buckley


Courses taught:


Dr. Jennifer Coffman

Associate Executive Director, Center for Global Engagment; Professor, Integrated Science and Techonology; Founding Director, East Africa Field School (summer program)

Courses taught: East Africa Field School, GEOG 335: Geography of Africa, occasional special topics courses linked to Africa

AAAD Curriculum Committee


Dr. Gianluca de Fazio

Department of Justice Studies

Courses taught: JUST 328. Race, Class, and Justice 

AAAD Programs Committee

Joanne Gabbin

Dr. Joanne Gabbin

English; The Furious Flower Poetry Center

Courses taught: ENG 410. Advanced Studies in Authors,
ENG 362. African American Poets

AAAD Budget Planning Committee


Dr. Mollie Godfrey



Courses taught: ENG 260 Survey of African-American Literature, ENG 359 Studies in African-American Literature, ENG 361. African-American Fiction, ENG 362. African-American Poetry, ENG 385. Special Topics in Film Study, ENG 408. Advanced Studies in African-American Literature


Dr. Oris Griffin

Education Programs 

Courses taught: HRD 201

Brooks Hefner

Dr. Brooks Hefner


Courses taught: 

Dr. Justin Henriques


Courses taught: ENGR 498. Deisgn for Sustainable Development 

Beth Hinderliter

Dr. Beth Hinderliter

Associate Professor of Cross Disciplinary Studies 

 AAAD Programs Committee


Dr. Kara Kavanagh

Assistant Professor; Early, Elementary, & Reading Education

Courses taught: ELED 310. Diversity in Elementary Education with Service Learning

Lamont King

Dr. Lamont King

History; Associate Director of the Ghana Summer Program

Courses taught: AFST 200. Introduction to Africana Studies,
HIST 263. Africa, and HIST 361. Class and Ethnicity in 

AAAD Curriculum Committee

Joshua Linder

Dr. Joshua Linder


Courses taught:


Dr. Talé Mitchell

School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD)

Research: Perceptions of African Americans in the media, How the Media Influences us through Marketing, Advertising, Race, and body image, and Consumer behavior as it relates to advertising, digital marketing and social influence

AAAD Conference Committee

Brillian Besi Muhonja

Dr. Brillian Besi Muhonja


Africana Studies; Women's and Gender Studies; English

Courses taught: 

AAAD Curriculum Committee


Dr. Adebayo Ogundipe


Courses taught: ENGR 498. Innovation and Sustainability in Africa

John Ott

Dr. John Ott

Art History

Courses taught:

David Owusu-Ansah

Dr. David Owusu-Ansah

Director of the Ghana Summer Program; History

Courses taught: HIST 263. Introduction to African History,
HIST 470/570. Modern Africa

AAAD Budget Planning Committee

Steve Reich

Dr. Steven Reich


Courses taught: HIST 356. African American History since 1865

AAAD Budget Planning Committee


Dr. Vanessa Rouillon


Courses taught: WRTC 103. Critical Reading and Writing (Race, Representation, Dignity, and Atrocity)

Sofia Samatar

Dr. Sofia Samatar


Courses taught: 

Kate Stevens

Dr. Wren River Stevens

Madison Art Collection

Courses taught: ARTH 424. Art of Ancient Egypt

Mary Tacy

Dr. Mary Kimsey


Courses taught: GEOG 339. Geography of the Caribbean

Wayne Teel

Dr. Wayne Teel


Courses taught:


Dr. Mary Thompson

English, WGSS

Courses taught: ENG 302, ENG 410

Bill Van Norman

Dr. William Van Norman


Courses taught:


Dr. Case Watkins

Justice Studies

Courses taught: JUST 301. Global Migration

AAAD Internship Coordinator 


Dr. Andrew Witmer


Courses taught: HIST 355. African American History to 1865


Dr. Kristin Wylie

Politcial Science

Courses taught: POSC 371. Topics in Comparative Politics 

Ms. Susan Zurbrigg

Art, Design & Art History

Courses taught: 

Morgan Smalls

PFF Fellow

Areas of research: Center at the intersection of Africana, women and gender, and media studies. SHe is interested in the portrayal of Black women in media and social media and the counter narratives that are created to combat sexism, racism, and the lack of representation or misrepresentation in traditional media, such as television and film. She uses popular culture as the entry point to have larger conversations about those topics. She is a critical/cultural media studies scholar. 

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