Advancement Organizational Chart

Nick Langridge
Vice President

Advancement Information Services

Chris Pipkins

Associate Vice President

Advancement Gifts
and Records
Prospect Research
Advancement Business Applications

Communications and Marketing

Andy Perrine

Associate Vice President

Public Affairs

Constituent Relations

Steve Smith

Associate Vice President

Alumni Relations
Parent Relations
Emeriti Faculty


Weston Hatfield

Associate Vice President

Principal Relationships Development


Sheila Smith

Assistant Vice President

Campaign Management
Donor Relations


Jeff Gilligan

Assistant Vice President

Annual Giving
Major Gifts
Planned Giving
Corporate Gifts
College Fundraising

The Advancement team operates in a continuum of four progressive phases. It is designed to move individuals from a most basic association with JMU to one of full investment.

Advancement WheelThe "identify" step takes place in Advancement Information Services. This is the most fundamental step and involves collecting facts about an individual.

The next step is to "inform" them about current events and issues at Madison. This takes place in Communications and Marketing.

Constituent Relations is the third step in the advancement wheel. Here the goal is to "involve" alumni and friends in ways that encourage their active engagement with JMU.

The fourth step takes place in Development when an alumnus or friend "invests" in the university by making financial contributions.