The College of Science and Mathematics focuses on learning science and mathematics by doing. It provides exceptional and exciting research experiences for students, and the dedicated faculty focus their efforts on student learning, designing and offering the best courses, and continually updating curricula.

Our undergraduate research programs have been expanded with external funding from several sources, particularly the National Science Foundation. We work together to provide an exceptional learning environment for all students, non-majors and majors as described in our mission statement.


The College of Science and Mathematics is dedicated to excellence in undergraduate education and research. Our outstanding programs are student-centered and designed to prepare students for responsible positions at all levels in research, industry, education, medicine and government. We emphasize learning by doing science and provide active learning experiences in a range of settings. We also encourage collaborative research between students and faculty, internships and other experiences that facilitate transitions to work or graduate/professional education.

We provide the following:

  • foundational understanding of science and mathematics for the educated citizen.
  • an exemplary program in mathematics and science for prospective teachers.
  • the educational basis and technical skills to prepare science and mathematics students for the workforce.
  • the theoretical and practical foundations for success in professional and graduate programs.


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