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What Is the Alternative May Break?

In November of 2005, Community Service-Learning sponsored a break to offer relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Since that time James Madison University has sponsored many more Hurricane Relief breaks at various times of the year. To ensure a lasting commitment, Community Service-Learning has created an annual May break to continue serving the Katrina affected communities in the Gulf Coast region. Our team serves in St. Bernard's Parish, Orleans Parish, the Lower Ninth Ward, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Participants will take coach buses for a 17-hour ride to New Orleans. You can ride in comfort, catch up on sleep, and watch a few movies on the way. 

While the focus remains on re-building houses and communities, our break incorporates whatever type of work is most necessary at the time of arrival. We work with organizations that are on the ground every day including Habitat for Humanity, Project Homecoming, LowerNine, Camp Hope, Louisiana Children's Museum, the Green Project, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, and NOLA Pet Rescue.

This team is filled through a lottery process, which is open to all JMU students. Participants will be assigned to a small group of 8 or 9 with two student co-leaders and one faculty/staff learning partner for each group. Groups meet several times before leaving to make sure everyone is prepared.


Current estimated costs will be $300 per person, which includes leadership, education, travel, housing, and most meals.  All breaks will raise funds to help cut the costs of the breaks. The cost does not include travel days food, souvenirs, and fun-day expenses.

How Can I Register?

There will be a live link available in the upcoming events section when the lottery is open!

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