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This module provides tips to consider when enrolling in classes and teaches you how to use the MyMadison portal to enroll.  The last step in this module addresses concerns you may have regarding your schedule once you have created it and, how and when, you may modify your schedule.


  • Enrollment appointment defined - the date and time you may begin enrolling.  Closes towards the end of July.
  • View when your enrollment appointment begins on June 7th in MyMadison
  • Actual enrollment does not begin until your enrollment appointment starts. 
  • Shopping carts are not useful if created prior to June 12th and may cause technical issues.
  • Entry of classes in the shopping cart does not save the seat in the class.  You are not enrolled until the enrollment process is finalized.
  • The full schedule of available classes will not be complete and accurate until June 12th.

Resources for enrollment in mid-June

1.  Your Enrollment Appointment -  To locate your enrollment appointment, log into MyMadison, click on Student Center.  The enrollment appointment can be found on the right side of the screen in the blue boxes.  Click on the box for more detailed information.

2.  Can I Get There On Time? Learn about getting around on campus and factoring travel time into the development of your schedule.

3.  Schedule Planner (video) -  Schedule Planner is a new feature that assists you with the creation of your class schedule. Use Schedule Planner to identify multiple schedule options based on your course selections.  Schedule Planner allows you to block times that your may be unavailable due to practice times or other commitments.

4.  How to enroll in classes - MyMadison Tutorials - Tutorials on using MyMadison to make changes to your class schedule.

5. Waitlists - The waitlist section of a course is only available to those majors that require the course the first semester as indicated in the purple section of the enrollment worksheets.  If your major does not require the course for the fall semester, you will not be able to place yourself on the waitlist for the class.  You should plan to enroll in the class in a later semester.   View the tutorial for adding a waitlist class.


6.  When it is time to enroll in June:

info to gather

  7.  Our Expectations:

  • You will enroll yourself in classes. It is vital that you enroll yourself in your courses and become familiar with the process you will use for the next 4 years.
  • You will contact us if you have questions.  We are very student focused and feel it is in your best interest to start this academic journey by communicating directly with you.  If questions arise, please be the one to call us.
  • You will arrive to Summer Springboard Orientation with a full schedule.  Once the MyMadison enrollment system opens in mid-June, you have 24-hour access to enroll in classes.  We make the system available in order to accommodate your summer schedule.  Enrollment is accessible from almost any mobile device.  This means you may enroll from whereever you are this summer.  The sooner you enroll, the sooner your Academic Advisor will have an opportunity to review your schedule and discuss any necessary changes before you arrive to Summer Springboard.  You will be at a disadvantage if you show up for Summer Springboard without having created your schedule.
  • You will not share your JMU login or password information with anyone.  Sharing your login information is a violation of JMU Policy 1207.

8.  After you enroll in classes  -  Prior to your First-Year Summer Springboard Orientation Session, your advisor will review your schedule.  If modifications are necessary, your advisor will contact you via email or will discuss them with you during your Summer Springboard advising session.


Advising Questions?  If you have questions regarding course selection after reviewing all the material in Modules 1 through 5, you may send an email to freshmanadvising@jmu.edu.

For general questions, email JMU1stSemester@jmu.edu.

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