The worksheets below are critical to enrolling in the correct classes for fall.  We provide a worksheet for each major and degree type to use as a guide when creating your schedule.  Use the worksheet, not the JMU catalog.  These worksheets, along with the information regarding earned college credit and information under the Special Student Categories information in Module 4 are necessary when enrolling in classes.  Identify the courses you need from the worksheet and save or print (we recommend 50% scaling) the worksheet to use when you create your schedule in June. 

Worksheets by major and degree type.  Feel free to explore any major you are considering.

Accounting - B.B.A.

Anthropology - B.A.

Anthropology - B.S.

Architectural Design (Art)  - B.F.A.

Art History - B.A.

Athletic Training - B.S.

Biology – B.A.

Biology - B.S.

Biophysical Chemistry - B.S.

Biotechnology - B.S.

Chemistry - B.S.

Communication Sciences and Disorders – B.A.

Communication Sciences and Disorders – B.S.

Communication Studies – B.A.

Communication Studies - B.S.

Computer Information Systems - B.B.A.

Computer Science - B.S.

Dance - BA

Dietetics - B.S.

Earth Science - B.A.

Economics  - B.A.

Economics - B.B.A.

Economics -B.S.

Engineering - B.S

English -B.A

Finance - B.B.A

Geographic Science – B.A.

Geographic Science - B.S.

Geology - B.S

Graphic Design (Art) - B.F.A.

Health Sciences - B.S.

Health Services Administration - B.S.

History - B.A

Hospitality Management - B.S.

Independent Scholars - B.A.

Independent Scholars - B.S.

Industrial Design - B.S.

Intelligence Analysis - B.S.

Integrated Science and Technology - B.S.

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies - B.S.

International Affairs - B.A.

International Business - B.B.A.

Justice Studies – B.A.

Justice Studies - B.S.

Kinesiology - B.S.

Management - B.B.A.

Marketing - B.B.A.

Mathematics – B.A.

Mathematics – B.S.

Media Arts and Design – B.A.

Media Arts and Design – B.S.

Modern Foreign Languages - B.A.

Music - B.M.

Musical Theatre - BA

Nursing - B.S.N

Philosophy & Religion, Philosophy concentration - B.A.

Philosophy & Religion, Religion concentration - B.A.

Philosophy & Religion, Philosophy concentration - B.S.

Physics – B.A.

Physics – B.S.

Political Science - B.A.

Psychology – B.A.

Psychology – B.S.

Public Policy and Administration - B.S.

Quantitative Finance - B.S.

Social Work - B.S.W.

Sociology – B.A.

Sociology – B.S.

Sport and Recreation Management _ B.S.

Statistics - B.S.

Studio Art (Art) – B.A.

Studio Art (Art)– B.F.A.

Theatre - B.A.

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication – B.A.

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication - B.S.


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