Welcome to the 1st Semester Enrollment Preparation modules. These five modules provide incoming freshmen with all the academic information necessary to enroll themselves in their first semester classes at JMU.

IMPORTANT: Review of the module information is mandatory prior to registering for a freshman Summer Springboard Orientation session and enrolling in classes. We strongly recommend that you pace yourself and absorb the information one module at a time. We do not advise you to attempt to view all the modules in one sitting. Feel free to return to this site to review the information at any time.

There are five modules of information which you must view and they must be viewed in succession.

Begin by viewing the welcome message from Dr. Linda Cabe Halpern, Vice Provost, University Programs, and then continue with the information below. WelcomeScript.pdf

It is imperative that you check your JMU email on a regular basis!

Module 1 - Placement Exams: This module provides information about JMU placement exams and class recommendations based on your placement results. You may have completed this step when you took the Math Placement Exam, but review this module again to see if you should take the Foreign Language Placement Exam and for information on how to locate your JMU placement scores and any external exam scores you may have had sent to the university.

Module 2 - Academic Basics: In this module, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of academics in relation to the various types of degrees, credit hours, and much more.

Module 3 - Prepare for Class Enrollment: Now that you have a working knowledge of academics, you are ready to begin planning your class schedule. In this module you will be instructed on the information you need to gather prior to planning. Additionally, if you are a member of a special student group, look for information that pertains to your group when creating a class schedule.

Module 4 - Enrollment Worksheets by Major: We have created an enrollment worksheet for every major to assist you in determining which classes you need to get you started on the right track. The enrollment worksheets show you which classes are required for your first semester and provide additional class options to create a full schedule. Please print the worksheet with your class selections and have it with you when you enroll in classes in June.

Module 5 - The Enrollment Process: Once you have identified the classes you need to enroll in, this module will teach you how to navigate the MyMadison student portal; the central entry point for all students for information and class enrollment. You will also find information about getting from one end of campus to the other between scheduled class times. YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY ENROLL IN CLASSES UNTIL MID-JUNE.

Mandatory Confirmation: Again, the information contained in these modules is very important for your success in creating your 1st semester classes. So much so, that we ask you to confirm that you have reviewed the modules on the Mandatory Confirmation page. In order to continue with the One Book steps, you will log in, confirm you have reviewed these modules and submit the survey. Submission of your survey will allow you to continue with the One Book steps.

The Quick Links you see at the bottom of each page provide an efficient way to access information from the page.

The entire JMU 1st Semester Enrollment Preparation modules may take up to one week to complete before you are cleared to proceed with the One Book steps.

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