Welcome to the 1st-Semester Enrollment Modules. 

These five modules will provide you with all the academic information necessary to enroll yourself in you fall semester classes during the June enrollment period.  

Infographic of modules

Tips for getting the most of the modules:

  • Review all the modules – they are mandatory for understanding which classes to enroll in and how you enroll
  • View the modules in succession – the information builds from one module to the next
  • Pace yourself – give yourself time to understand each module
  • Explore majors through the worksheet guides to get a feel for the requirements
  • Use the tutorials and get familiar with the MyMadison portal
  • Review the modules, especially the worksheets, prior to the June enrollment period

Begin by viewing the welcome message from Dr. Linda Cabe Halpern, Vice Provost, University Programs, and then continue with the information below. WelcomeScript.pdf


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