SMAD Spring 2020 Policy on Credit/No Credit Grades

Media Arts and Design

SMAD Students,

Now that we have finished our first week of fully online instruction, I hope you are well and adapting to the change.

To clarify the provost’s message on Tuesday, as it pertains to SMAD majors and coursework that counts toward major credit, I provide you with the SMAD policy on Credit/No Credit. At the end of it is an FAQ section that may clarify as well.

Be advised that the SMAD policy applies only to your coursework in the SMAD major, not to general education credit or work in other departments.

Now that SMAD has clarified its policy, your academic adviser will be able to answer your questions. However, please do not contact your adviser until you have read the SMAD document in its entirety. You will see there that students are counseled to wait until the end of the semester, when they have seen their final grades, to decide whether to select the Credit/No Credit option for any given course. Until you have your final grades, or at least a clear idea of what the final grade will be, please avoid emailing your adviser with hypotheticals.

Best of luck as we move forward with this incredible experiment.

Dr. Mellinger


Professor & Director

James Madison University | School of Media Arts & Design

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Published: Friday, March 27, 2020

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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