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picture of Katie Lese, tutor alum, standing next to buildingContinuing our series on learning from others that have impacted the Communication Center, this week we talked to Katie Lese, a Double Duke! Katie graduated with her undergraduate degree in 2014 and graduated with her Master’s degree also from JMU in 2016! In order to learn from her, we asked her questions on her time at the communication center and what she’s doing now.

Q: How long were you a tutor at the CC?

A: I worked in the Comm Center for 3 years (2011-2014). 

Q: What was your favorite part of working at the CC?

A: I loved working with such a wide variety of students! In one day I could end of working with a freshman public speaking class group, a 400 level biology presentation, and a graduate student conference presentation.

Q: What are you doing now?

A: I work in student affairs at JMU! I am the Coordinator of Organization Development in Student Activities & Involvement. I work with our student groups and supervise The Club House and Outriggers Peer Educators.

Q: How did working at the CC/using the CC help prepare you for your job now?

A: I am doing presentations all the time for my job! Working at the Comm Center and doing presentations in classrooms helped me practice my presentation skills. I also use a lot of tutoring techniques when working with students because you want to help them find the answer to solve their own problems, rather than solve issues for them. Tutoring pedagogy has influenced my daily student interactions and approach to student development.

Using communication skills has a direct impact on our lives, in and out of the classroom! Katie is using her skills from the Comm Center at her job and utilizes her communication styles that she learned at the center in order to help students all the time. We’re excited to hear from Katie, that she’s proudly helping the JMU community, and that she’s utilizing her communication abilities throughout her life.

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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