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COE Students React to Online Classes


SUMMARY: College of Education Students react to online versus in-person classes during the 2020 Pandemic

The year 2020 has been a different kind of year on many fronts. One challenge facing students today is the differences in learning formats. For students across campus, dealing with online versus in-person, synchronous versus asynchronous, and dual format classes has been especially daunting. Many College of Education students have also been tasked with delivering instruction in multiple formats for their practicum and student teaching. We recently asked on our Instagram "What are you enjoying about back in-person classes? If you are not in in-person classes, what are you enjoying about online classes?

Here are some of their responses:

--My program is all online & almost finished (this May!), but I have loved meeting new people from all over through WebEx & group projects

 --I’m enjoying Professor Thomas’ EDUC 300 class

 --breakout rooms with you [Meggie Baker, COE Dean's Office GA] and Angie :)

-- I like wearing pjs to class everyday

--People watching on zoom HAHA

-- I enjoy being in person and being able to see people face-to-face not through a computer screen. Also like being able to walk on campus again

--I’m all online so i like being able to zoom in pjs :)

-- I like that we’re able to still see our ELED group in every class over Zoom!

--Even though we’re online I love meeting with our small group every week!

--I like being able to wake up 5 minutes before online class

--I love our professor’s creative uses of technology

--I have loved being able to work in my pjs!!

--I love meeting with small groups even over zoom bc you can build community while being remote!

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Published: Thursday, October 29, 2020

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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