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Erin Frye ('07)Erin Frye has found a second home … in Ghana. After working for CapTech Ventures, following graduation, Frye heard a call to go abroad. She found Cross Cultural Solutions and says, "I bought a plane ticket, took my savings, grabbed my guitar and headed for Ghana." A former member of JMU's a cappella group, Note-oriety, Erin used her musical passion to influence the youth of the modest Ghanaian town, Hohoe. Frye taught the local youth musical styles from Bob Marley to American folk songs, and old hymns. She was impressed with the rhythmically inclined Africans, but learned more about faith, joy and love from the humble villagers. Later she brought her whole family to work with the Hohoe Christian Orphanage. The family taught English, art, music and coached soccer. Now Frye works in Virginia searching for a way to return. "I have a calling to do more than just volunteer." Frye plans to revisit the orphanage and to work in public relations with Orphans' Heroes, a group supporting orphans around the world. Frye hopes to bring attention to child trafficking and the adoption process in Ghana as well as contribute to research on slave labor. Once a Virginian young professional and now a world traveler and orphan activist, Erin Frye is changing African children's lives one song at a time.

”What I experienced there will never leave my heart and mind. I feel a compelling charge to make a difference; it's worth everything.“

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2014

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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